a world of flavours

We start from scratch using only the best seasonal ingredients on the market​ to give you the best experience.

No space for preservatives, colorants or artificial flavours.

Come and enjoy!

Milk base





Banana Split



Some of our raw ingredients

Fresh milk and cream

Raw Pistachios and Hazelnuts 

Raw Chocolate 

Seasonal Fruit

All our gelato flavors are gluten free (except for cookies&cream).


Sorbet flavors are also vegan.

tips for you

Should real Pistachio gelato be bright green?

No! Pistachios are green, brown, purple... 

We use the real ones, check it yourself!

Should I go for Mango sorbet in winter?

No! If it's not seasonal, it's not fresh.

Fruits must be eaten when in season. That's why our sorbet are made using only fresh seasonal fruits.

Is it real gelato?

Bocca della verità in Rome

When is my favorite fruit in season?

Download our seasonal guide


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