our story

La Cremosa born in Rome from the idea of David, Mauro and Sandro to bring the best quality Italian gelato abroad.

The young entrepreneurs grew up playing in the ice cream shop of Roberto, David’s father, who has been making homemade gelato for more than 40 years at Fonte della Salute in the popular area of Trastevere in Rome, using their traditional family recipes.

A tradition born in 1981

Why our gelato is so good and rich? All our recipes come from one of the most popular Gelateria  in Rome during the 80's and 90's, La Fonte della Salute in Trastevere.


We make our gelato using proper ingredients and technical processes that have been improved and tested for 40 years.

Our gelato is made strictly according to the Italian traditional recipes with a particular attention to the quality of the raw ingredients.

 Come and taste the difference!

Sometimes you don't need to do much more than follow tradition!



la cremosa

two guys from Rome

La Cremosa (pty) Ltd

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