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Italian homemade ice cream
in Johannesburg 

about gelato

Do you know how gelato is made?

In our main branch you can learn how an artisan product is made and see more about  the natural ingredients that we use.

We keep alive a true Italian tradition to create a unique and genuine product.


La Cremosa makes authentic Italian gelato, daily, in front of you

Book your gelato tour and enjoy making your own ice cream.


our philosophy

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When you try our strawberry sorbet or our pistachio flavour, you immediately understand that what you are eating it's not a common ice cream but it's a proper and rich gelato. How?

By recognizing the taste of fresh, seasonal and ripe fruit used in our sorbets or the richest flavor of  pistachio or hazelnut, roasted and grind on a daily basis for you, to give you a true experience of an Italian gelateria. 

We adapt our products to local markets and cultures, respecting the genuine  artisan processes.

Spoil yourself and have a look at our products.

What is the difference
between gelato and ice cream?

If you want to find it out read our full article here