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Experience the creamy essence of the best of the Italian culinary tradition in a cup or a cone of gelato La Cremosa. Seasonal fruits, fresh milk and a lot of passion...that's what makes our gelato so good!



Our Company
La Cremosa born in Rome from the idea of David, Mauro and Sandro to bring the best quality Italian gelato abroad. The young entrepreneurs grow up playing in the ice cream shop of Roberto, David’s father, who has been making homemade gelato for more than 30 years at Fonte della Salute in the popular area of Trastevere in Rome, using their traditional family recipes.


The Taste of Italy!
Sometimes you don't need to do much more than follow tradition! Our gelato is made strictly according to the Italian traditional recipes with a particular attention to the quality of the raw ingredients and of the production process.


Pure indulgence! The creamy structure comes from the jersey's fresh Milk and the best cocoa powder from the South American cultivation.


We selected the best northern Italian cultivation to offer you a strong and dense flavour made out of authentic hazelnuts


A great combination of Italian traditional recipes and selected African ingredients. Our coconut flavours is made out of sun dries coconut flakes cultivated in Mozambican coastal areas


Accurately prepared home made caramel mixed with our creamy milk gelato. Here the simple receipt of our smooth and soft caramel gelato.


Unbelievable! Real Amarula liquor becomes gelato. Too good to be true? It's true!


Our pistachios comes from selected Sicilian cultivations. It's made according to the traditional southern Italy recipes. Inimitable touch of sweet genuinity.


Pour some warm dark chocolate into the Fior di Latte gelato. Few seconds and the chocolate becomes crunchy and intense!


Black Cherry! The highest quality amarene are cultivated in the north east of Italy, between Modena and Bologna. That's where we found a unique seeded and candied amarena for our variegato made out of Fior di Latte and amarena.


Pure Nutella into a creamy Fior di Latte base. It´s simply delicious!

White Chocolate

Chocolate greedy? Try this rich option. One of the best sellers.


Excellence in simplicity. Italian vanilla flavour is characterised by a smooth touch of milk and a genuine vanilla aftertaste.


The intense flavour of fresh mint leaves together with the smooth feeling of the fresh milk. It's this great combination that makes our mint flavour so pleasant and refreshing.


La cremosa would not be a proper Italian gelateria without one of the most popular Italian flavour, Caffè! The intense espresso smell and colour will bring you back to the busy Italian bars atmophere.

Rice & Cinnamon

A delicious flavour for cinnamon lovers...you will get a perfect mix!


Not much more than fresh strawberries cut and blended with sugar and water. Because quality is essential we keep on cutting them one by one at our factory.


The natural characteristics of the banana fruit make our sorbet creamy and intense. The flavour is authentic and strong...just like eating a fresh banana.


Also known as Passion Fruit, this sorbet will immediately excite your taste-buds!


Amazing and sofisticated. Love at first sight.


A tropical wave of flavour and colour. Thanks to the natural characteristics of the local mango, our mango gelato is an explosion of taste and genuine colours

Green Apple

Selected green apples get cut and blended with sugar and water. It comes out a refreshing flavour with real green apple pulp.


It is an incredible combination of smell and delicate flavour that makes of guava sorbet probably one of the best sorbet of La Cremosa.


A rare and elegant taste obtained from the best ripe plums.


Probably the most traditional Sicilian flavour made out of fresh squeezed lemons. Traditionally served in Italy during or after fish lunches and dinners.


Thanks to the juicy and sweet structure of the local pineapple, our sorbet has a pleasant fresh taste. We pay great attention to select the best matured pineapple to be sure that the sorbet keeps the natural intense flavour.


A sharp and intense taste for fruit lovers. A great vitamin C shot for your body and soul.


Extremely refreshing. You will not believe the authentic taste of this flavour.

Affogato al caffè

One of the most traditional Italian dessert. A single espresso poured on a creamy vanilla gelato. Delicious!


Fresh made warm waffle with two scoops og gelato on top, dressed with chocolate/caramel or black cherry sauce with a sprinkle of ice sugar

Gelato cake

Finally a new concept of cake. You don't bake it, you just go for it.


Fresh fruit salad with two scoops of gelato on top

Gelato Sandwich

Your favourite gelato flavour between two fragrant biscuits.

Banana Split

A fresh banana splitted with three scoop of gelato on top dressed with chocolate sauce.


A thirst quenching drink. Just choose your flavours!



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